Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Boys of Summer

When I began Roger Kahn's The Boys of Summer, I expected it to be a rewarding experience, which it was. After all, it tops many "Best Sports Book of All-Time" kinds of lists. I expected it to take me back to a time before my time, which it did, focusing on Kahn's first hand experience traveling with and writing on the 50s era Dodgers. What I did not expect, but was blown away by, was the second half of the book and its focus on what happens to men who were treated as gods who have to return to being men again. It is a sad and winsome look at what some had to look forward to, what others didn't, and what all of them left behind. It is certainly the best book on sport that I have ever read and I highly recommend it to baseball and non-baseball fans alike.

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