Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Informationist

    Early buzz from publishers, reps, and reviewers is that Taylor Stevens' The Informationist is the next Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and that its heroine, Vanessa Munroe, the next Lisbeth Salander. That's all well and good and I understand how marketing works, but this seems like a mistake and here's why; to compare Stevens with Steig is to sell Stevens short.
    On the surface, both books feature a physically strong and mentally tough heroine with a past. Both Munroe and Salander are survivors and both have survived some heinous history. That's where the comparisons between the two books end. While I enjoyed Larsson's stories, Stevens' writing is more taut in every sense of that word; tense, trim, and tight. No words are wasted, every sentence is sharp, and the plot never stops moving for a second. While Larsson may be the talk of today, Stevens is sure to share status with Ludlum and LeCarre. 
    Fans of adventure and intrigue need look no further for their next thrill. Taylor Stevens' The Informationist is a must among readers this Spring.

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  1. Dear Mr. Smith,
    I’m writing to you because, in the past, you’ve expressed an interested in Taylor Steven’s books.
    Today, her newest – THE CATCH – goes on-sale and I’d love to send you a copy for review.
    Will you let me know your mailing address if you’re interested?
    Sarah Pekdemir
    Senior Marketing Manager
    Crown Trade Publishing Group
    Penguin Random House