Friday, June 10, 2011

Leviathan Wakes

    Here's the back cover synopsis on James S.A. Covey's new science-fiction adventure, Leviathan Wakes:
    Humanity has colonized the solar system-Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt-but the stars are still out of reach. Ice haulers, mining rigs, and state of the art battleships clog the lanes from Earth to Jupiter. Tensions run high among the working class Belters and the elitist Earthers and militant Mars Navy.
    Now, the discovery of one derelict ship will set off a chain of events that threatens the stability of the whole system. The dream of colonizing new stars is dying in the fires of war. Nothing less than the survival of the species is on the line-and only two men have the power to stop it.
    Those two men are Captain James Holden and Detective Joe Miller, and Leviathan Wakes spends alternating chapters focused on their two stories. One reads like an episode of Firefly and the other like the best hard boiled noir. But it's when their stories intersect that the story goes into hyperdrive. Covey's story is full of rich characters, sharp dialogue, and all sorts of twists and turns. Its pace is perfect and moves seamlessly from scary to somber to funny and back. And, as the first in a series, it's great for sci-fi fans looking for the next big thing. Leviathan Wakes promises to be epic.
    James Covey's Leviathan Wakes is available in paperback now.

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