Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nobody's Fool

In this era of postmodern metafiction, a guy who writes a straightforward narrative about everyday people can be seen as so last century. That said, for as much as I like a lot of (and love some of) what pometa has to offer, my heart belongs to the John Irvings and Raymond Carvers and David James Duncans and such. So, it seems strange to me (and maybe to you) that I have never read Richard Russo. What a mistake. This guy writes like I wish I wrote about the people I like to read (and write) about. Nobody's Fool is wry and wise, its setting of North Bath, NY is winsome and sad, its main character, Sully, is...well...quite a character. These are the people you read about and wish they were real. You'd have them over for dinner, buy them a beer, ask them for advice, and help them move furniture. They are a reminder of those very same people who exist in reality and how you can do the same with and for them. They help us to celebrate the characters in our own lives.

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