Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One Day w/Spoiler (sort of)

OK, so I wrote in the previous post about how the one day (date) thing wasn't simply a gimmick and that Nicholls was a more thoughtful writer than that. Well, the ending is another sort of gimmick and it feels more like...well...a gimmick. My objection isn't that the ending is sad, but that it's attempt at a sudden, tragic sadness (have you guessed it yet?) ends up not being that sad. It feels pasted on. It feels like the author is trying to make me sad. And he fails to do so.

That said, I liked the book up until the end and the end wasn't bad enough to ruin it. But, what I liked about this book was that it seemed like the kind of things that happen to the kind of people who exist. And then the end felt like the kind of thing that mostly happens in movies and books.

Still worth the read. Just wish he hadn't gone for the tragic tearjerker ending, as it did not have the effect on me that the author was clearly going for.

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