Sunday, July 18, 2010

Soul of a Citizen

So, here's the problem with a lot of books about how to change the world; 1) they make you aware of a specific crisis, but not offer solutions to it, 2) they will tell stories of people who seem to have solved said crisis only by giving themselves full-time to a solution, 3) they will say that you can solve said crisis, but not offer up practical ideas or stories of how.

Soul of a Citizen is the antithesis of that, and one of the best books on how to do good that I have ever read. The stories that Paul Loeb tells, even of heroes like MLK and Rosa Parks, reveal the back story of years of sacrifices, small and large, that slowly effected change. Loeb makes you aware that there's a problem, inspires you to want to help solve it, makes you believe that you can, and offers practical ways in which to do so. For anyone who wants to do good, but feels overwhelmed by the prospect, I highly recommend Paul Loeb's Soul of a Citizen.

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